Self.i.e. Narcissism?

What is a Selfie? Well actually I think we all know what a Selfie is. But why has it come to a point where we’re all at least familiar with the term “Selfie”? Now, along with the term itself comes an overwhelming influx of emotions and views that may get some people’s blood boiling. But […]

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Meat me by the vegetable aisle.

From children’s books to horror films, animals are constantly ingrained into popular culture. Therefore, the question arises, why animals? Why do we like looking at animals? John Berger’s ‘Why Look at Animals?’ draws on many recognisable instances where this question may arise. When looking at an animal in the zoo, Berger states “ you are […]

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ETHICS… Research Ethics

The world is an interesting place, especially when we’re exposed to WHAT the hell is happening through headlines that bombard us everyday, time and time again, leading us to wonder, WHY the hell are these people doing what they are doing? It’s a question of ethics. It’s a question of distinguishing between right and wrong, […]

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Paris? Nigeria? Or Humanity?

With the ever-prevalent globalisation through the rapid growth in technology, the development of the digital age has allowed mass media and communication to become a fundamental aspect of everyday life, through the engagement of society. Platforms such as News Media – print or broadcast – equip society with facts about important and pressing issues around […]

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