Gadgets and the Media i.e. The Internet

The Internet.

What a magical realm it is.

Time and time again, I find myself realising that ever since a little thing called the Internet came into my life, I’ve been moulded, shaped and influenced by it.

Over the years, I’ve become some sort of a “hoodrat”, running around, dipping my fingers in whatever medium of creation I please. Whether it be video editing back in high school, with clips taken from surf movies, or producing music. It didn’t, and doesn’t matter if the end results are disgusting and irreversibly mind-numbing, but what matters – to me anyway – is the refinement of my processes.

It’s about discovering new and creative ways to do the same thing.

It’s about providing and receiving feedback so as to inspire refinement.

The supple bosom that is the Internet – a source of creative nectar – has not only enabled myself to branch out in ways I never imagined – and still don’t – but users of the Internet in general. So, the world.

So, the world.

With the Internet, as highlighted by Henry Jenkins, is in whole a “… technology shift resulting in a convergence of media… [altering] the relationship between existing technologies, industries, markets, genres and audiences.”

Now that I’ve recently purchased an incredible little GoPro 4 Silver, as well as some hefty microphone equipment?

Let the games begin.

Thankyou “convergence”. Thankyou “Internet”.


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