“Torrents Illegal? That’s news to us.”


What the hell is the big idea surrounding the legalities of torrents? How is file sharing regulated?

I’m not really hurting anyone, am I?

Plus, the struggles of being an out of pocket university student in the 21st century continue to hinder life’s great pleasures, a time of hardship, holding on desperately to all things popular culture.


Because these things cost money.

Currently, the Copy Amendment (Online Infringement) Bill 2015 is designed to prevent Australians getting access to some overseas websites, such as The Pirate Bay.

Although it is still illegal, no formal regulations have been passed in accessing specific information of specific offenders, so nothing will be noticeably happening at first.

However, measures may be taken to limit the use of these websites in terms of access to some sites may be restricted by some Internet service providers (ISP).

It’s clear to see that this issue may face a strong push in momentum, with Village Roadshow – major film and DVD distribution and Cinema Company – supporting the new law.

But it’s not like some services haven’t noticed. Netflix still offers the best legal catalogue available, but consumers are “… still noticing those catalogues aren’t as full as they could be,”

Until then?




2 thoughts on ““Torrents Illegal? That’s news to us.”

  1. Loved the blog post! It was short, engaging and captured you’re true character whilst still incorporating the ‘copyright material’. I agree with you on the notion of enabling ourselves to grow through content creation and access, which is somewhat limited to our geographic regions. However, would we consider ourselves lucky compared to regions such as China? The ‘Business Insider’ states the mainland has placed bans on websites including Google, YouTube and Facebook! Here’s the link if you want to have a closer look http://www.businessinsider.com.au/websites-blocked-in-china-2015-7#/#instagram-5 Loved the memes! x


  2. Cool post! The article is readable and of much fun. Through your words, I can read your struggle between the love of torrents and the hate of ‘copy wrong sites’. Besides, the quote and the picture you’ve created is a perfect match with the theme and mood. About advice, I think more examples, especially when talking about the measures, could be raised to create an specific air.

    Personally, I think some resources like Photoshop and Final Cut are too expensive for we student to afford. To some extent, I stand up for the existence of free resources. However, at the same time, the appearance of the websites for spreading illegal materials does hurt somebody. In China, where you can download free and illegal music just in one click everywhere, many talent musicians are having a hard time to survive. As you have said, some measures have to be taken. May be the copyright rules could be respected by some more user-friendly method, like donation? I don’t know. We should just wait and see.

    Love this post and can’t wait to see more of your creation!


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